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This website is a collection of my personal practice and performance techniques. I hope that this site encourages all musicians to discuss practice and performance in a deeper and more intuitive manner.

The moment determines the motion, the sound, the phrase, everything!
— Josh Jones

Spatial Studies for Hitting Things

"Spatial Studies" is a book series covering the techniques of snare drum, two mallet xylophone, accessories and more. The main themes covered are relaxation, efficiency in movement, and turning all the techniques learned into second nature, or merely a reaction. My hope is that this series helps people gain more physical awareness in their playing, and find ease in technical execution and acquisition. Pre-orders begin on July 15th, and it will be officially available on September 1st. Below is a preview of what's to come. Hope you enjoy!

This book, like everything Josh touches, was created with immense passion, focus, thoroughness, and care. I would consider it a “high resonance” work and know without a doubt that it is going to benefit significantly any ardent practitioner ready to take more space.
— Rich Stitzel

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