What a Year

I’ll be brief. Life is a lot different when you think everyday might be your last. Don’t wait to make your goals a priority, and work towards them. I waited ten years to publish my book, and had I not found out my cancer diagnosis, maybe it would never have existed. Also, don’t short change the power of music. The ability to express yourself through art is a gift that, it specifically, many people will never know. Take advantage of it. Use it to learn about yourself, about the world, and about others. Communicate and listen, share and receive, grow and nurture. You’d be surprised what the simplest melody will do for a child that will have a completely different effect on an adult. There’s so much I want to say about this entire year I’ve had, and I hope one day I can process it enough to be coherent. In the meantime, please take those advisements, as well as this. Learn about yourself, love yourself, be yourself, and share yourself.