Air Bender

Every room we walk into is unique in some way but the one constant that they all share is the air. What I learned to do is feel and listen to the air in the room in order to determine how sounds I make would travel within that space. I believe that silence can have a depth and a sound that's unique to each space, and since we are breaking that silence, it's good to have an idea of what type of canvas we are painting on. You can even hear how rooms are effected by the weather, humidity sounding and feeling really thick or dark, and dry climates sounding brighter or very present and feeling more open. Combined with my "telekinesis," I can visualize what I have to do in order to make appropriate sounds in any given room simply by listening to the air. 

Again, it helps to practice in several spaces to introduce new sensations to your body, and information to your brain, really your ears in this case. For me, however, it does get annoying at times because I can't "turn it off," so in my daily life I sometimes ignore it for the most part. Still, if I continue to ignore it for a long enough time, it too begins to fade and get weaker, like the telekinesis, so I try to "incorporate" it daily, without going too crazy. It does take a lot of energy and brain power, and whenever I take auditions now, the "air telekinesis" really drains me. Even when I showed someone how to hear this way, they left with a headache, so if this interests you, fair warning, have Ibuprofen and lots of water in hand.